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Grab a pen and paper and write down your answers!




Oooh! The colors! The shades most prominent in your dreams are:

A.      Orange and/or purple

B.      White and/or blue

C.      Black and/or green

Your dream car may be a Mustang, but when you’re on foot you’re most often walking:

A.      Up a flight of stairs

B.      In place

C.      Down a hill

Even if your day was pretty ordinary, at night you’ve dreamed that you’re:

A.      Flying

B.      Taking an exam

C.      Sick or hurt

Age ain’t nothing but a number, but in dreams digits can be meaningful. The number most apparent in your dreams is:

A.      3

B.      7

C.      5

It may seem totally random, but you’ve dreamed about:

A.      Apples

B.      Crowds

C.      Tornados

Settings are significant. In your dreams you’re often in a:

A.      School

B.      Hospital

C.      Messy Room


Sweet Dreams (Mostly A's)
Your dreams reveal happy or peaceful scenarios, which probably means that everything's going well for you. Sometimes, though, a fantastic dream can represent an action you wouldn't actually take in your waking life-like making out with your best friend's hot boyfriend.
Stressful Slumbers (Mostly B's)
Are you nervbous about school or some big event? You might not realize you're stressing while your awake, but that's what your anxiety dreams are trying to tell you. But just because you fail a test in your dream doesn't mean you will in real life.
Nightmare Nights (Mostly C's)
If you're often plagued by bad dreams, your waking life isn't a piece of cake right now. But nightmares aren't necessarily a bad sign, they are a useful tool for dealing with problems in your life. They allow you to find solutions while you're sleeping.



Thank you for taking the quiz.