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About Belen

Everything you want to know about Belen.

South America is known for its beautiful models and now Argentinian, Belen Gomez, is its new addition! She is 13 years old and now resides in the sunshine state of Florida. Belen has been modeling for some time now and is getting into the acting industry aswell. With her debut performance of "Romeo et Juliette", an opera in French with English translations being performed in Miami and Ft.Lauderdale. 
With not so much time in the business she already has an impressive amount of fans determined to support this up-and-coming young model and actress. Anyone interested in joining this growing group can do so at her fan club: .

Belen is definetly someone to look out for in the entertainment world and with all the talent and personality she has to offer, it is clear that there is far more to Belen than what you would read on paper or see in a photo.


What a job!

 You can tell from the big smile on her face how much she enjoys modeling (and the camera loves her!)