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Here you can read about Belen's latest news

Belen is featured in this wonderful website for upcoming actress. There is a lot of fun facts listed there and great pictures. All you have to do is click the link, once on the homepage go to "Young Stars" section and click on "Belen Gomez". I hope you all go and check this website out!
We need your help to get Belen's name out there! This is what you can do to help: send an e-mail to magazines that you know would be able to put a small section promoting Belen in it. Include some information about her and what she does. You can also list some links you know she is featured in and why you like her. Belen would really appreciate your help. This would give her some exposure and make her name known.
Here are the e-mail addresses:

Take a look at the pictures from the set of "Romeo et Juliette"!
Please visit the website to the left and vote for Belen on the Next Generation Awards. You can find the link for the poll at the bottom of the homepage.
Here you can also take another poll regarding Belen:
This poll is exclusively from this website. wrote an article about Belen. Read it here and then vote:
The "Candids" section has been updated. You can find some pictures of Belen with friends and family. Some are old like from Halloween and Christmas but others are newer. The latest picture is Belen playing her guitar which was taken on 04/10/04.

All "Romeo et Juliette" performances have now finished. You can check some of the pictures from backstage here on the website or in the "Acting" folder in her Fan Club. Thank you. 

For more information you can visit the following website:

Check out the new section of Belen's website, "Interaction". You can find a lot of fun things for her fans there. Have fun!
Belen has just finished doing a small play for her school. It was in spanish and she portrayed a girl named Rita who is a bully. She always makes fun of this very studious girl named Emma Williams who then gets an opourtunity to appear in a movie because of her good grades. Rita becomes very angry and then fights her and her friend after school.  The play ends with the cast stating the moral of the story which is: Study for school so then you can do in your future what you want because intelligence is the one thing no one can take from you. So congratulations to Belen for her performance.