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 The Teen Website We Are Now Featuring Is:

Read about it here:


It's not the New York Times or the Washington Post. It's - info and insights of what's on the minds of teenagers today. has additional message boards and areas where you can submit your poetry, essays, artwork, and thoughts about today's happenings in the music world.

Come hang out and help us build for Teens to enjoy! And if you're into BLOGGING then you can start your own F R E E Blog account on! Read other Blogs at HERE...

We're looking for ARTICLES!!! You can be a reporter for !!!

We are looking for:

  • Interviews: You can interview a friend or someone you think is inspirational or maybe you have interviewed a celebrity. You can interview anyone and send it in to and we'll publish it online. If you can, try and include some photos as it will make your article read better.
  • Your reports on teen issues such as drugs, sex, environment, politics - whatever you feel needs to be spoken about!
  • Your reviews! Have you read a good book, seen a great flick, can't stop listening to a CD, have a game to recommend to others? Tell us all about it. For books please include the full name of the book and the author.
  • What's going on? Send in your upcoming events (school or community) and tell us what's happening in your world.
  • Letters to the Editor. If you want to comment on what's on we would love to hear from you. Good and bad - it helps to making the site what you want.
  • Make It! Have you made something cool and want to share how you did it with other readers? Then send in a pic of your fab creation and tell us step-by-step how you made it.
  • If there's something not listed here that you want to send in, SEND IT! You can send whatever you think should be on the site... and you never know, your stuff could be appearing on for the world to see and you could be a star!
Send all submissions to: with the Subject: Article Submission

Please visit this site