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Orlando Bloom, 28 costars with Kirsten Dunst in the romantic movie Elizabethtown (Tenn People, November 2005)

JH: Tell us about your new movie, Elizabethtown
I play a guy named Drew Baylor. He's lost everything and is really down about it until this girl, [Claire, played by] Kirsten Dunst, comes into his life and turns it all around. She introduces him to a way of life that he never really appreciated.
JH: How was working with Kirsten Dunst?
Great. She's a supertalented actress first of all, but she's just a really lovely girl, down to her core.She gives a very multilayered performance. Claire is a really beautiful character-she's like light. Drew is inthe shade for a little bit; she's the light drawing him out.
JH: Were you excited to do a modern movie?
No sword! No bow and arrow! No costume! It was cool.
JH: Any embarrassing moments on the set?
There was this beautiful yellow bridge over an amazing river. There were a lot of peopel there because I guess they knew about the movie and were all expecting me. I had to do this scene where I had to dance-it's a moment where Drew lets go. You know when you dance and suddenly feel so lliberated, like you're releasing all these shackles that have been holding you? It was that moment . It was highly embarrassing because there were paparazzi and people there.
JH: Did you ever get into trouble in school?
When I was about eight or nine, I was lifting up girls' skirts. i thought it was quite fun, but I was young. I remember because [I got spanked].
JH: Do you believe in love at first sight?
I think it varies for all of us. There's definetly a moment of "Wow" that happens.
JH: What's the sweetest thing you've done for a girl?
It's the little things that count. Leaving notes and flowers and funny little things [for her] to find.