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Idolize Magazine had the oppurtunity to interview A Second Chance:

Idolize: Can you start off by introducing yourself?!
Andy: Yeah definitely. My name's Andy, I play guitar in A Second Chance

Idolize: Care to give a bit of band background?!
Andy: In a nutshell, we've been a band for going on 4 years, just last year Dan joined the band to help us complete things.

Idolize: You guys just toured with Autopilot Off, and you're going back out with them again?!
Andy: Yeah, the first tour went great and before it was even finished they invited us back out with them in August to tour the south, we're definitely stoked about it.

Idolize: Yeah, I saw the show in Jersey, and I thought you guys were awesome! It's an awesome tour in general! How did you get on their tour in the first place?
Andy: Autopilot Off is from our area and we began working with the guitarist, Chris Hughes, in early spring. Shortly after, they went out on their first headlining tour and asked us to join them.

Idolize: Does Chris H do booking for you guys too? I think I read that somewhere, but I wasn't sure.
Andy: No, Chris helps us to deal with the business aspects of being in a band, that’s about it.

Idolize: That's cool! What's this I heard about a commercial that's going to be on Fuse?
Andy: A couple of month’s back we got invited down to
New York City to shoot a commercial for D'addario guitar strings. We just learned recently that it's going to be airing on Fuse; we're excited to see it.

Idolize: What's it like? Are you performing a song or something?
Andy: It's a 30 second commercial consisting of our song "Tell Me Everything" and it's just live shots of us that were shot in the studio.

Idolize: I can't wait to see it! And you guys are going to be on a few compilations coming up?
Andy: Thanks! Yeah, we're having songs released on a Tour compilation and a compilation called "Make New Friends" that's being put out world-wide by Drive Thru Records

Idolize: Speaking of Warped many dates are you playing?
Andy: We're only on one Warped Tour date; it's at Randall's
Island in New York

Idolize: I think I'm going to be going to that show! Who are you most excited to see perform?
Andy: Who are we not stoked to see on Warped Tour? All of the bands will rock, in particular, probably New Found Glory, Fallout boy, our friends in Matchbook Romance

Idolize: Hey, you should go out on the road with Matchbook Romance! I think that would be cool! You think?
Andy: yeah of course, we're all from the same area, we were bummed because we were booked to play a local date with them last month but we had to drop it because we were on tour

Idolize: Do you have any plans for a full tour in the fall or rest of the summer?
Andy: Yeah, we have plans to do a full
U.S. tour with our friends in All Rights Reserved, and an awesome band from Cali called My American Heart throughout most of September and October

Idolize: That sounds like such an awesome tour! I'm not familiar with My American Heart, but All Rights Reserved are awesome! They're great guys too! I know this question gets annoying, but what bands are you listening to at the moment?!
Andy: I listen to anything and everything, right now I’m def. big into Park, Further Seems Forever, and new Taking Back Sunday

Idolize: Do you guys have any EPs or CDs out that people can buy?!
Andy: We currently are selling our EP but it's not pressed, recently we've been talking about doing a self-release when we get back from tour in the fall

Idolize: Go for it! Is it selling well at shows?
Andy: Yeah, we've sold close to 1,500 copies since the winter time when it came out

Idolize: Awesome! Can someone get it online or download the songs on Purevolume, if they can't get to a show to buy it?
Andy: Yeah we sell it off of our website, we've also had people from radio stations tell us they've found the entire EP online and downloaded it already

Idolize: Well... before I let ya go, I'm curious...who do you Idolize?
Andy: That's a tough one, I really can't think of anyone. I know it sounds generic, but anyone who's a positive influence is awesome.

Idolize: Thanks Andy! Is there anything else you'd like to say? To your fans, or anyone reading this, or just anything on your mind?
Andy: Yeah there is... Idolize Magazine rocks lol

Idolize: Awwww..... You’re a keeper!!! I'll see ya on the 25th here in Jersey! Can't wait to see you guys again! Thanks once again man!!!
Andy: Awesome, see ya then!

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